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How to Use Hypnosis Programs:

1. Do not use while driving.

2. Listen to the program daily if possible.

3. You can go to different levels of trance (depending on the individual). A light trance is all that is necessary, but it is also okay to fall asleep. You will find with practice that you will go deeper into trance each time. It is natural for your mind to wander when you get more relaxed, the information is still going into your subconscious mind even when your conscious mind isn't paying attention. Don't try too hard! The tone of my voice, music and words are all working for you, all you need to do is relax and listen.

4. If you have more than one audio, limit to using audios that are related. Do not use more than two subjects/issues at a time as it may dilute your results. Give at least 30-90 days to focus on each subject. You can listen to different audios in the same subject matter so you do not get bored with the same one.

5. Allow 30-90 days of continuous listening for best results and permanent shifts in your subconscious. You may find that the changes are very subtle, so pay attention to your mind-chatter or how you feel differently.

6. Relax. If you think you have trouble visualizing, just remember that your mind always works in pictures, so the information is still being absorbed by your subconscious creating associations without your conscious effort.

7. If you are not seeing results, you may need to do some journaling and uncover what benefit you get from not changing. You may have a stronger desire to stay the same than to get what you want that could be blocking your success.

8. Lastly, your actions must mirror what you are programming your mind to accomplish whether it is money, love, weight, health or habit changing. What you do in-between listens to the audios throughout your day has a huge impact on how effective your overall program will be for you. Any action that is not congruent to what you want can delay your results as you are sending your mind mixed signals as to what you want.